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Bamba Floral series Flash Drive

‧Innovative style ‧Using TOSHIBA's original top chip waterproof / shockproof / dustproof ‧Taiwan-made chip lifetime warranty
‧Exquisite styling, shell made of tannins and high rose essential oils; scent lasts 3 to 6 months.

Product specifications
Name of Product:Bamba Floral series Flash Drive
Capacity: 8GB.16GB.32GB.64GB
Color: PDEW-102 Vanilla Floral, PDEW-104 Lily, PDEW-106 Rose, PDEW-107 Lavender, PDEW-108 Jasmine
Dimensions: 45mm (length) X 20mm (width) X 8mm (thickness)
Weight: 9g
Material: safe and non-toxic silicone
USB2.0 transmission interface Plug and play
Maximum read speed: 30MB/per sec
Maximum write speed: 12MB/per sec
(The above data is slightly different under different test conditions)
Adopt TOSHIBA original top wafer
Place of manufacture: Taiwan
Chip lifetime warranty

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