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Bamba Stylus Pen USB With Laser Pointer

1. The pen drive is divided into 8GB.16GB.32GB.64GB
Capacity, documents, and digital photos are on hand, sharing at any time 2. Red laser pointer, can be used for briefings, teaching, instructions, etc. 3. Touch pen for all capacitive touch panels 4. Black ink ballpoint pen

This product specifications
● Name: Bamba Stylus Pen USB With Laser Pointer
● Capacity: 8GB.16GB.32GB.64GB
● Size: Full length 14.2cm (touch head) 14.5cm (tip)
● Material: Body copper Logo
● Made in Taiwan
● Built-in 100mAh lithium battery
   (about one hour for initial charging)

● Comes with two black atomic refills


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