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【Bamba】Leather folding music box lunch box (two formats)

‧Food Grade Glue Safe & Hygiene ‧Folding for all kinds of food ingredients ‧Can be heated in microwave ‧ Silicone collapsible storage accords with food safety

Sealing function
  • seal
Bento box material
  • other
Bento box shape
  • Square
Bento box style
  • Single layer
  • 1 year warranty
  • Non-artificial damage, 1 year warranty
Product specifications
  • Product Name: Bamba plastic folding music box lunch box 2 format
    Capacity: 600mL + 300mL
    Body material: Silicone Heat-resistant temperature -20~280°C
    Frame and cutlery: PP polypropylene Heat-resistant temperature -20~120°C
    Product introduction: American hot commodities, odorless, non-toxic, foldable, microwaveable, refrigerated;
    Food grade silicone kitchenware, in accordance with the TFDA specification SGS test passed; no bisphenol A, no plasticizer;
    Save 60% of space, easy to store, easy to clean, high temperature, completely sealed to keep food fresh.
    Weight: 371g / Color: Orange
    Size: 15.5x21x3.5 cm
    Place of production: China / Effective date: Permanent use under normal conditions
    Importer: Dongbi Trading Co., Ltd.
    No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei City (room 4G28)
    Customer service line: 02-23451696


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